When it rains in L.A. County, millions of gallons of water flow over paved surfaces like rooftops, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. "Urban runoff" is the largest source of water pollution in the region and flushes bacteria, toxic chemicals, and trash into storm drains, beaches, lakes and rivers with little or no treatmentAnd in a county that imports 2/3 of our drinking water, fresh free rainwater is not something we can afford to flush down the drain.

While activists fought hard for the Clean Water Act and strong water quality protections to create and enforce standards that safeguard the health of our families, neither the county or cities have the funding needed to build and maintain the infrastructure needed to clean up our water. 

The Coalition for Our Water Future, a new alliance of community, business, and conservation leaders, has been working together to educate the public about the need for, and benefits of, funding to invest in our water future.

We are strong advocates because it’s an investment to: protect and increase our water supply reliability, protect public health, improve open space and habitat, invest in and protect our regional tourist economy, create good local jobs and spur local business across the county.  It’s an opportunity we can’t pass up.  

We believe a bottom up, community led, collaborative approach is needed is needed to develop a new revenue solution with the broadest public support.  Sign up here for our “Friends of Our Water Future” newsletter updates on the stormwater issue, our campaign, and get invited to upcoming events from the Coalition for Our Water Future. And if you want to volunteer or find out about more educational opportunities please check out our member organizations

If you have questions please email us at ourwaterfuturela@gmail.com.